CRPT Wheeling Clinic Expands

Release Date: April 6, 2013

Country Roads Physical Therapy’s Wheeling clinic has expanded its services with the recent ASTYM certification  earned by Kevin Perris, DPT, and with a new employee, Jami Coffield. Jami has a degree in science of exercise from West Liberty University.

ASTYM Treatment is an important part of many therapy plans and is available at all four Country Roads clinics. Although new to the Ohio Valley, Country Roads Physical Therapy has been providing one-on-one personalized care to patients since 2006, with the opening of its first clinic in Fairmont. The Wheeling facility opened Feb. 4.

“I am extremely happy to have Jami on board because she brings ten years of experience and passion for the physical therapy field to our clinic,” said Perris, the Wheeling clinic director.

“With knowledgeable staff like Jami and the ability to offer progressive treatment techniques like ASTYM and Dry Needling, I have every confidence that Country Roads will be able to help patients in this community with all of their physical therapy needs.”

Jami’s passion for physical therapy grew from her own personal experience. “I was a gymnast for 10 years,” Jami relates. “I found my calling for my career after receiving physical therapy for a shoulder injury.”

“I am very happy working at Country Roads because I enjoy seeing the progression of our patients as they get better,” Jami said. “It energizes me to know that my work here can make a difference.”

The ASTYM treatment is a therapy approach that addresses problems such as scarring, fibrosis and degeneration that occur in soft tissue (muscles, tendons, etc.). It is an evidence-based, non-invasive rehabilitative approach that works quickly and consistently without the use of medicine, needles or surgery.

“What makes the ASTYM approach unique is that it stimulates the body to regenerate healthy tissues so that it can heal properly and completely.”  Perris said. “ASTYM has been proven effective at relieving pain when other treatment options have failed.”

Anyone with soft tissue problems such as inflammation of tendons (tendinitis) can benefit from ASTYM, as can those who have fractures, muscle spasms, sprains or repetitive motion disorders such as carpal tunnel.  ASTYM therapy is effective for new injuries as well as chronic, nagging conditions that cause pain and discomfort.

“Patients are excited about the results they experience,” Perris added. “They love being able to remain active and participate in their normal everyday activities or favorite sport, even while they’re undergoing treatment.”

Staying active is not only encouraged; it is a crucial element of the therapy.  As the body heals, exercise and activity help guide the healing which allows patients to return to activities without pain and limitation. For workers’ compensation patients, this is particularly beneficial.

A typical course of treatment should last four to six weeks, about eight to ten visits. Patients receiving ASTYM treatment can expect a shorter recovery time, a rapid decrease in pain, an increase in range of motion, a decrease in swelling, and improvement in flexibility.

The ASTYM treatment method is supported by scientific and clinical research, and its effectiveness is documented by extensive patient outcomes collected nationwide.

Only ASTYM-certified providers can administer this progressive treatment. Perris received his ASTYM certification in lower and upper extremity from Performance Dynamics after completing a comprehensive training program in Indianapolis.

All of the certified licensed physical therapists at Country Roads Physical Therapy are committed to providing the highest quality care with a hometown friendly service. Country Roads has four locations:  East Fairmont, West Fairmont, Buckhannon and Wheeling.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Perris, visit or call 304-905-8140.