Astym® Therapy

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Alternative, Non-Invasive Physical Therapy Treatments

What is Astym® Therapy? How Will it Help Me?

Many patients are nervous to try out new therapy styles, especially ones that are not necessarily conventional. Astym® therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works to reduce scar tissue, relieve joint and muscle pain, and helps to combat restricted movement with a 90 percent success rate. Country Roads Physical Therapy offers Astym therapy in all five of our locations.

Astym therapy involves a physical therapist using special instruments to smooth over problem areas and work scar tissue and muscles. Some patients may notice some minor discomfort and bruising at first, but this is a sign that your body is working to repair any tissue damage. Each patient will receive individualized care to better suit your injury.

How Do I Know if Astym is Right for Me?

Astym therapy can treat any patient of any age. Do you have lasting pain from an injury that stops you from working? Are you missing out on playtime with your children or grandchildren because of chronic pain? Have you been unable to easily get around due to severe muscle pain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Astym therapy may be for you. Some of the common problems we see include:

Muscle Tightness
Joint or Muscle Pain
Musculoskeletal Disorders
Restricted Movement
Back Pain
Excessive Scar Tissue

In some cases, your joint or muscle pain can keep you from doing things that you love. Call Country Roads Physical Therapy, or talk to your doctor about beginning Astym therapy.

Who Performs the Treatment?

A certified physical therapist will work with you throughout your therapy, using the proper FDA-approved instruments to perform your treatment. The therapist that treats you will have extensive training and knowledge about the treatment and how to get the best results.

When you choose Country Roads Physical Therapy for your Astym therapy, your comfort is our number one goal. If Astym is not working the way you feel it should, let your therapist know! We will be happy to adjust your treatment plan to better treat your pain. As all treatments go, not everyone will experience the same results in the same time frame or with the same plan.

What Exactly Does Astym Do for My Body?

One of the number one things we use Astym for is to treat muscle pain and to help reduce scar tissue, but how does this happen? There are a number of things that Astym therapy does for the body, including:

  • Assists the body’s ability to heal
  • Helps to regenerate healthy tissues
  • Promotes blood flow

Astym is one way many patients find relief without surgery or excessive physical therapy. While we pair Astym with stretching and minor exercise, it is great for anyone of any age. This treatment can help to heal sports injuries, surgical scars, past injuries, and to help manage chronic pain.

How Long Do I Need Astym Therapy?

We perform Astym therapy in-office over a period of weeks, however, the time will differ between patients. Unlike other traditional therapies, we advise patients to stay active during treatment to get the best results. As you continue treatment, you may notice that lifting your grandchildren is easier, or driving is more comfortable. As treatments progress, you’ll probably notice that these tasks become less painful and keep the pain at bay much longer. Soon, you will be able to move on from treatment and will be able to enjoy life again.

Astym Therapy for After-Surgery Care

When surgery is non-negotiable, Astym therapy is here to help you make a full recovery. After surgery, it can be easy to fall into a non-active lifestyle, letting your muscles tighten and possibly stunt your recovery. If you have recently undergone surgery and need an effective physical therapy treatment, talk to the staff at Country Roads Physical Therapy. We will be happy to discuss your options and get you on the road to recovery.

How to Yield the Best Results from Astym Therapy

Now that you know more about Astym therapy, here are a few ways to make the most out of it:

  • Stay active in between and after appointments
  • Stretch
  • Stay hydrated during and after treatment
  • Ice the area when necessary

Are you ready to reduce pain and restore your quality of life? Country Roads Physical Therapy is ready to make those dreams come true. Call your preferred clinic today to begin the treatment process.

For more information on ASTYM treatment, call Country Roads Physical Therapy today. For any future updates, follow us on Facebook and check out our site.

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