Author: Samantha Osborn

female athlete receiving sports therapy

Learn More About Sports Therapy in WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Sports Therapy Are you looking for quality sports therapy in WV? Country Roads Physical Therapy is here to help. A few months ago, we discussed fall sports preparation and what goes into that. This month, we want to focus more on sports therapy and how to continue keeping your body safe as we transition to spring sports. While sports may look a little different this year, they are still going strong. Practice may not be as often or as intense,

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young boy in a pool - aquatic therapy

Effective Aquatic Therapy in West Fairmont, WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Aquatic Therapy Country Roads Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy in West Fairmont, WV. Using water to help promote healing and mobility has been a common theme in physical therapy for years. Using weights, pool accessories, or your own weight, our therapists will work with you to help promote better balance, flexibility, and movement. Aquatic therapy can help to treat the following conditions: Arthritis Autism Balance Problems Cerebral Palsy Fibromyalgia Joint Pain Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Pain Osteoporosis Scoliosis/Spinal Pain Stroke Tendonitis

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close-up of dry needling pain treatment

Is Dry Needling the Right Pain Treatment for Me?

Dry Needling Works for a Variety of Short-Term and Chronic Pains Country Roads Physical Therapy offers dry needling in Fairmont, WV; Buckhannon, WV; Wheeling, WV; and Morgantown, WV. Dry needling works with other treatments to relieve both short-term and chronic pains, like lower back and shoulder pain. This month we’re going to cover the benefits and uses of dry needling. While it is usually used in combination with other treatments, many patients have found this therapy to help reduce muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

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chronic pain

Chronic Pain Therapy

Find Relief Through Chronic Pain Therapy in WV   Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Effective Chronic Pain Treatment Chronic pain is something that millions of people deal with, no matter their age or how in-shape they may be. Chronic and severe aches and pains can decrease one’s quality of life and ruin daily activities. Instead of playing with your children or grandchildren, hitting the gym, going to work, or completing other tasks, you may find yourself laid up at home. Are you tired of suffering

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shoulder therapy after surgery

Shoulder Surgery

Recover from Shoulder Surgery with Country Roads Physical Therapy   Severe Shoulder Pain? Surgery May Be in Your Future While aches and pains are a commonality of life, severe, lingering pains are not. Many men and women suffer from shoulder pain, whether it’s age-related, from sports, falls, or other injuries. If the pain is unbearable, or is getting in the way of daily activities, shoulder surgery may be the best option for you. Just hearing the word “surgery” can send patients into a spiral. How

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knee pain graphic

Knee Surgery

Recover from Knee Surgery with Effective Physical Therapy   Knee Surgery is More Common Than You Think Our knees do more than we give them credit for. From helping us walk, sit, and move around, we definitely notice when something is amiss. According to the Mayo Clinic, 4.7 million Americans had some kind of knee implant in 2014. This includes men and women of all ages who have also experienced the same chronic knee pain that you’re living with. Whether you need a knee replacement,

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lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

Suffering from Lower Back Pain? Find Effective Treatment Today Country Roads Physical Therapy Provides Lower Back Pain Treatments Your persistent back pain has gotten worse. Your doctor recommends physical therapy, but you’re skeptical that these treatments will work. This pain has plagued your lower back for years – how can you trust that a physical therapist will fix your chronic pain in a few sessions? Country Roads Physical Therapy offers different types of therapy to fit the needs of our patients. Physical therapy is not

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athlete tying shoe

Fall Sports Preparation

Prepare for Fall Sports with Country Roads Physical Therapy First Season? Get Ready for Fall Sports with Sports Physicals Joining a sports team is an exciting time for any student. Whether you are a new lineman for the football team, or you are getting ready for this season’s basketball tryouts, it is important to know what comes with joining a sports team. One of the most important steps? A sports physical! Physicals ensure that you are ready and able to be involved in sports and

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manual therapy treatment

Manual Therapy

Is Manual Therapy Right for You? What is Manual Therapy? Unlike Astym® treatment, which we discussed last month, manual therapy is a type of hands-on physical therapy that treats chronic pain, sports injuries, age-related pain, and other common joint and muscle pains. A therapist kneads and manipulates the muscles and joints to promote mobilization. This process can also help to strengthen weak muscles and repair any injuries or strains. There are different kinds of manual therapy, including: Myofascial Treatment: Promotes flexibility and improves mobility of

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Patient receiving treatment

Astym® Therapy

Alternative, Non-Invasive Physical Therapy Treatments What is Astym® Therapy? How Will it Help Me? Many patients are nervous to try out new therapy styles, especially ones that are not necessarily conventional. Astym® therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works to reduce scar tissue, relieve joint and muscle pain, and helps to combat restricted movement with a 90 percent success rate. Country Roads Physical Therapy offers Astym therapy in all five of our locations. Astym therapy involves a physical therapist using special instruments to smooth over

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