Common Injuries From Yard Work


Gardening season is freshly upon us—unfortunately, this may lead to any number of outdoor-related injuries.

However, with the right application of injury prevention techniques and physical therapy, slips, falls, and strains from yard work can be mitigated. Read on to discover the most common injuries and treatments for recovery. 

 Common Injuries: Strains and Pulls

Few injuries are as prevalent as straining or pulling a muscle unseasonably—and no one, irrespective of age or demographic, is safe from its effects. A lack of stretching or flexibility is the most common culprit.

To help prevent these types of strains, consider what will require bending and pulling body positions. For example, digging out garden beds, clearing or raking leaves, pulling weeds, or pushing lawnmowers, could produce an injury that will be hard to recover from.

Common Injuries: Falls

Are you thinking about fixing that damaged roof or hanging colorful shingles to match your landscaping? Not so fast. More than 164,000 people are injured every year from ladder falls. 

Ladder injuries can cause mild to severe injuries such as bruising and broken bones or concussions and spinal damage. This is particularly harmful to anyone over the age of 55. Make sure your ladder is in good condition, on level ground, and always have someone to act as additional support. 

Common Injuries: Cuts and Burns

Everyone has a love-hate relationship with mowing. Summer is the primary season for getting out the mower and weedeater. Although, after months of hibernation, lawnmowers can present several issues, including stale fuel, rusted spark plugs, or damaged carburetors.

With high temperatures and other offsetting features on the lawnmower, let your exhaust or engine cool down before using. Not doing so could prove detrimental to your skin with burns, wounds, or cuts. 

Common Injuries: Injury Prevention

Some injuries are unavoidable, and no amount of preventative measures can destabilize the likelihood of a freak accident—however, that doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t take any precautions.

The surest way to prevent injuries during outdoor labor is to take your time. Make sure you know the condition of your tools and heavy equipment and survey their state until you’re confident they can be used safely. Additionally, you should remember to wear these things: 

  • Protective clothing and headgear
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Slip-resistant footwear
  • Long pants
  • Gloves

Common Injuries: Physical Therapy

Outside of resting and taking proper breaks while working outside, physical therapy may add a layer of specialism to injury prevention that produces helpful muscle memory and better body habits. In addition, physical therapy can provide proper advice for stretching and sound techniques

Stretching makes the body limber and flexible and makes for a quicker recovery period after the fact. Introducing the proper techniques for digging, bracing, climbing, and so forth can create body mechanics that could prolong the longevity of particular body parts like the back, shoulders, and neck. 

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