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Body Pain

Managing Body Pain in Cold Weather with Physical Therapy

It’s that time of year again. Sleighbells, snowmen, and caroling can be seen and heard for miles.  For some, winter isn’t always a season of cheer, and instead of Christmas joy, intensified arthritis, back pain, and joint trouble come knocking on the front door. At Country Roads Physical Therapy, we want to help you get back to enjoying the holidays.  Read on to discover our best tips for mitigating wintery aches and pains.   Why Does Cold Weather Effect the Body? Have you ever noticed that

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young boy in a pool - aquatic therapy

Effective Aquatic Therapy in West Fairmont, WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Aquatic Therapy Country Roads Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy in West Fairmont, WV. Using water to help promote healing and mobility has been a common theme in physical therapy for years. Using weights, pool accessories, or your own weight, our therapists will work with you to help promote better balance, flexibility, and movement. Aquatic therapy can help to treat the following conditions: Arthritis Autism Balance Problems Cerebral Palsy Fibromyalgia Joint Pain Multiple Sclerosis Muscle Pain Osteoporosis Scoliosis/Spinal Pain Stroke Tendonitis

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