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Is Dry Needling the Right Pain Treatment for Me?

Dry Needling Works for a Variety of Short-Term and Chronic Pains Country Roads Physical Therapy offers dry needling in Fairmont, WV; Buckhannon, WV; Wheeling, WV; and Morgantown, WV. Dry needling works with other treatments to relieve both short-term and chronic pains, like lower back and shoulder pain. This month we’re going to cover the benefits and uses of dry needling. While it is usually used in combination with other treatments, many patients have found this therapy to help reduce muscle and joint pain and stiffness.

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lower back pain

Lower Back Pain

Suffering from Lower Back Pain? Find Effective Treatment Today Country Roads Physical Therapy Provides Lower Back Pain Treatments Your persistent back pain has gotten worse. Your doctor recommends physical therapy, but you’re skeptical that these treatments will work. This pain has plagued your lower back for years – how can you trust that a physical therapist will fix your chronic pain in a few sessions? Country Roads Physical Therapy offers different types of therapy to fit the needs of our patients. Physical therapy is not

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