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Pain While Traveling

Summertime is the dawn of vacations, plane rides, and road trips. Do you experience pain while traveling? Well, you’re not alone.  Read on to learn about taking care of your body during the traveling months of summer.   Why Do Injuries Occur While Traveling? The most common culprits of aches and strains while traveling are the back, shoulders, and neck. Pain typically intensifies during the traveling season due to stress placed on the spine and other networks of muscles and joints while lifting luggage and sitting

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Neck Pain

Treatments for Neck Pain That Don’t Include Medication

Neck pain is common in adults, almost too common. Every three months, 15% of U.S. adults have neck pain that lasts at least one full day. With the rise of self-medication, over-the-counter pain killers, and similar substances, what if we told you there was a natural way to relieve pain and mitigate long-term discomfort in the neck?  Physical therapy has become a proven natural alternative to pain relief and is one of the safest options to restore functional mobility in the neck.  Read on to

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