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Three Common Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes and How to Avoid Them

Some kids live, eat, and breathe sports. They wake up early to stretch, go to school, and head for practice or weight training in the evening to continue sharpening their craft. Sadly, this kind of physical workload often leads to another destination: A trip to the doctor for an overuse injury.  While young athletes do not often consider the consequences of their intensified toil, they are paying a price. Read on to discover the most likely injuries sustained by young athletes and how to prevent them. 

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Maintain Health

How Can Physical Therapy Help You Maintain Your Health?

Winter is on its way out. Spring is on its way in. Know what that means? Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  Once the temperature gets above 50 degrees, West Virginians are ready to return to their regularly scheduled activities like spring cleaning, walking, golfing, gardening, and mowing. At Country Roads Physical Therapy, we want to prepare you to enjoy the warmth instead of suffering from pain inside.  Read on to discover our best tips for maintaining your health in the coming months.   Start Slow  We get it.

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female athlete receiving sports therapy

Learn More About Sports Therapy in WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Sports Therapy Are you looking for quality sports therapy in WV? Country Roads Physical Therapy is here to help. A few months ago, we discussed fall sports preparation and what goes into that. This month, we want to focus more on sports therapy and how to continue keeping your body safe as we transition to spring sports. While sports may look a little different this year, they are still going strong. Practice may not be as often or as intense,

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Fall Sports Preparation

Prepare for Fall Sports with Country Roads Physical Therapy First Season? Get Ready for Fall Sports with Sports Physicals Joining a sports team is an exciting time for any student. Whether you are a new lineman for the football team, or you are getting ready for this season’s basketball tryouts, it is important to know what comes with joining a sports team. One of the most important steps? A sports physical! Physicals ensure that you are ready and able to be involved in sports and

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