What To Expect In Physical Therapy After A Knee Replacement

Knee replacement

If you’re having knee replacement surgery, you may be nervous and wondering what the recovery process will look like post-surgery. There’s no reason to worry; knee replacement surgery is the most commonly performed elective surgery in the United States, over 800,000 times per year! 

Though the recovery process is relatively simple compared to other surgeries, it’s crucial to take your physical therapy seriously afterward if you’re going to have proper function of your new knee.

When Do I Start PT After A Knee Replacement?

After you’ve had a knee replacement surgery, physical therapy typically starts within a day. Proper rehab of your knee is vital to ensure that you strengthen the knee, maintain a good range of motion, and make a proper recovery.

What Does My Timeline Look Like

Once you check out of the hospital, you’ll likely begin with simple exercises for the first couple of weeks to help improve your balance, coordination, strength, and range of motion. These exercises can look like mimicking daily movements such as sitting to standing, leg raises, supported knee bends, and walking. 

Around the 4-6 weeks, you may find that you’re gaining strength and don’t need as much support as before. You might be able to ditch the assistive devices and begin returning to normal everyday life. You may still experience some pain, but it’s around this time that many people find that they can start driving and feel comfortable getting in and out of chairs or beds. Your doctor or therapist may even have you start light resistance training to help strengthen the knee.

Around 7-12 weeks, you should have a reasonably wide range of motion in your knee, and moving should feel much better than before surgery. You will continue to strengthen your knee to 

Taking Care of Yourself After Your Knee Replacement

Once you’ve recovered, remember that you should still avoid high-impact activities. High-impact activities have a negative impact on your implant and will significantly curtail the longevity of your knee. Try your best to avoid activities like running, jumping, skiing, tennis, basketball, etc. This doesn’t mean you can’t be active; just opt for some activities that aren’t as stressful on the knee, like golf, walking, swimming, and biking.

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