Programs & Services

Our goal is to guide you in the right direction to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy and living life to the fullest. Our therapists use an array of progressive treatments and therapy techniques, which they customize to reduce pain, increase mobility and help you to recover.

Manual Therapy

We perform a number of hands-on techniques to treat chronic pain conditions, sports injuries, physical conditions arising from aging, auto accidents, on-the-job injuries, back pain, muscle pulls, and chronic and acute injuries.

The benefits of utilizing manual therapy:

– Increasing range of motion
– Improving joint mobility
– Improving flexibility
– Increasing stability
– Decreasing inflammation
– Decreasing pain

Manual Therapy techniques we can perform include:

Soft Tissue Mobilization – Giving muscles an opportunity to reach their full length.
Myofascial Release – A methodology for treating injured and painful soft tissues.
Muscle Energy Techniques – Soft tissue tension to facilitate an increase in motion.
Muscle Reeducation – Therapeutic exercises restore muscle tone and strength.
Therapeutic Exercise – An increase in strength, flexibility and balance deficits.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Also referred to as just Dry Needling, is an effective treatment technique used by our certified physical therapists in the treatment of myofascial pain caused by trigger points. To learn more about dry needling and its benefits, please download our Fact Sheet.


A therapy treatment that regenerates healthy soft tissues and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. ASTYM therapy addresses the cause of your pain, not just your symptoms. To learn more about ASTYM and its benefits, please download our ASTYM brochure.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy can help any casual or professional athlete improve their game with sports conditioning programs that are designed to increase strength, power, speed and flexibility. Our physical therapists can help you play better, feel healthier and reduce time spent away from your game if you get injured.

Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy promotes independence, increases participation, facilitates motor development and function, improves strength and endurance, enhances learning opportunities, and eases challenges with daily care giving.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a comprehensive, therapeutic approach to improve and maximize one’s current level of function.

Benefits of massage therapy:

– Decrease dependency on medication
– Improve recovery time
– Improve return to work rate
– Reduce recovery time for athletes
– Improve joint range of motion
– Reduce muscle spasms and cramping
– Reduce lumbar pain with pregnancy

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy helps reduce chronic pain and joint inflammation and provides relief for aches and pains. The support, buoyancy and resistance water provides is an ideal therapy environment that allows you to heal faster and feel better.

Industrial Rehab

We work with employers and their employees to aid in the prevention and rehabilitation of workplace injuries through analysis and consultation, therapy for injured workers and screenings.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) – This test determines an individual’s capabilities of performing physical work. It includes all 21 physical demands of work as defined by the Dictionary of Occupational Titles in addition to 15 more, when indicated. The FCE offered through Country Roads is standardized, objective, reliable and valid.

Prosthetic Training

Our physical therapists will work closely with the patient, family, physician and orthotics to maximize the patient’s potential following an upper or lower extremity amputation.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are devices, typically custom made, that are placed in shoes to help control the position and movement of the foot/ankle complex. Orthotics help to position the foot so that it is in the least stressful position when it strikes the ground.

Balance Program

Depending on the injury, falls can lead to hospital admission, disability and functional limitations that significantly decrease the quality of your life, especially for older adults. Country Roads offers a program that focuses on preventing falls while promoting an active lifestyle. Our therapists can address all of your balance issues with personalized hands-on treatment plans.

Therapy Enhancement with Wii

At Country Roads, we take your recovery seriously in a fun, family friendly environment. Our therapists can implement creative options to assist in your recovery, such as adding Nintendo Wii as a compliment to a traditional therapy program. Nintendo Wii helps with balance, and provides a fun way for patients to stay active and motivated throughout their recovery plan.

Other Specialty Services

– Electronic Stimulation
– Hot and Cold Therapy
– Ultrasound
– Paraffin Bath



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