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Country Roads Physical Therapy Values Our Patients

Before your appointment, you may have some physical therapy expectations. The staff at Country Roads Physical Therapy values every patient that walks through our doors. Each location provides high-quality, friendly treatment with the same goal to improve all patients’ quality of life. Our physical therapists work closely with patients to maximize their therapy time inside and outside of the clinic. We provide at home exercises and instructions to help shorten the recovery time, and work with you to continuously improve treatment. Call your preferred clinic location to set up an appointment, or contact us online.

What to Expect at Country Roads Physical Therapy

Please arrive 20 minutes early on your first visit to complete the required new patient paperwork which is also available here. Your therapist will examine your ability to perform basic activities, test flexibility and strength, and then customize a treatment plan. Once you begin treatment, some pain and symptoms may increase because of the exercises and activities you are performing. Be sure to have open communication with your therapist to keep them updated on any changes in your condition. The main goal at Country Roads Physical Therapy is to lead our patients to full rehabilitation, and we work with you to make that dream a reality.

High-Quality and Individualized Care for All Patients

The physical therapists at Country Roads Physical Therapy understand that treatment is not one-size-fits-all. We work with you to develop the most beneficial treatment plan for your condition. From sports therapy to prosthetic training, Country Roads Physical Therapy will help you reach your goals of full recovery. We provide hands-on, manual therapy techniques to reach ends of total rehabilitation. Contact us today to find the perfect treatment for you. Our clinics are located in East Fairmont, West Fairmont, Wheeling, Morgantown, Buckhannon, and White Hall, WV. Speak with your therapist about your physical therapy expectations.

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