Physical Therapy Services in Buckhannon, WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy Provides Services in Buckhannon, WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy has five West Virginia locations, including Buckhannon, WV. Our Buckhannon clinic was founded in April 2011. We provide state-of-the-art physical therapy services for all ages and needs. The trained physical therapists at all locations will have you feeling better than ever. If you are looking for high-quality physical therapy with guaranteed results, call us at (304) 472-8510 for an appointment.

Manual Therapy Options in Buckhannon, WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy in Buckhannon, WV provides manual therapy services for our patients. Manual therapy helps to increase range of motion, improve mobility, flexibility, and stability, and to decrease inflammation and pain. Country Roads Physical Therapy offers soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, muscle reeducation, and therapeutic exercise to help restore muscles and treat pain. This treatment is perfect for those suffering from sport injuries, age-related pain, pulled muscles, and chronic pain.

Dry Needling Services at Country Roads Physical Therapy

Dry needling is used to treat trigger points in muscles. Country Roads Physical Therapy uses this treatment to help with chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems. This is an invasive procedure where a needle is inserted into the skin and muscle. The needle is used to deactivate a trigger point and reduce muscle pain. If you are interested in trying dry needling for muscle pain, contact Country Roads Physical Therapy today. We are located in Buckhannon, Wheeling, Morgantown, and Fairmont, WV.

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Country Roads Physical Therapy is here to help those living in Buckhannon, WV with physical pain. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our outstanding therapists.

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