Astym Treatment for All Physical Therapy Needs

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Astym Treatments

Country Roads Physical Therapy serves Fairmont, Wheeling, Morgantown, White Hall, and Buckhannon, WV, with Astym® treatments. Astym therapy helps regenerate healthy soft tissues and reduces scar tissue. Therapists developed Astym therapy to resolve problems, not just treat them. If you are interested in getting the best results out of your physical therapy treatment, call one of our clinics today to schedule an appointment.

Who Benefits From Astym Treatment?

Astym therapy has been researched and clinically tested and proved to be effective where other treatments fall short. Astym therapy helps to regenerate healthy tissues and reduce scar tissue. The physical therapist runs an instrument along the problem area, working the soft tissues and muscle. This process may feel uncomfortable for the first few treatments, but it is important to stick with the treatments. Some bruising may occur, but that is just your body working to repair the damaged tissues. Your therapist will work with you to customize a strengthening and stretching program for you to work on in the clinic and on your own, so that your muscles are constantly working to repair any damage. This also helps the fibers to continue getting stronger and eliminate pain.

Long-Term Benefits of Astym Therapy

The purpose of Astym treatment is to effectively eliminate pain and discomfort. It is important to remain active during and after treatment, to continue strengthening the muscles affected. The treatment lasts a few weeks and is non-invasive. You are able to continue living your normal life, just with less pain. In order to achieve total success, Astym treatments must be worked on at home and in the clinic. Patients must remember to stretch, stay active, and remain hydrated during and after treatment. It is also helpful to ice the area to avoid further discomfort during treatment. Country Roads Physical Therapy has certified physical therapists to provide Astym treatment at all of our locations. Contact Country Roads Physical Therapy for Astym treatment.

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