Prosthetic Training and Therapy

Maximize Your Potential at Country Roads Physical Therapy

Country Roads offers prosthetic training services in WV. Losing a limb is traumatic both emotionally and physically. The therapists at Country Roads Physical Therapy work closely with patients learning to use prosthetics to maximize their full potential. We help to build up strength and confidence in using the prosthetic after an amputation. If you are in the process of adjusting to a prosthetic, call one of our Country Roads Physical Therapy locations today. Our therapists will work with you to help you in any way they can to adjust to your new prosthetic, and will build a support system to keep you motivated and help lead you to success.

Outpatient Prosthetic Limb Training and Rehabilitation

Country Roads Physical Therapy believes in improving the quality of life of every patient who enters our clinics. Our physical therapists understand what the emotional and physical toll adjusting to a prosthetic limb can be, and we work with our patients to help make the adjustment as smooth as we can. Country Roads Physical Therapy allows patients to know that they are not alone in the transition, no matter how difficult and stressful it may be. We work with patients to build strength and endurance, and help them to increase mobility.

What Is Included in Prosthetic Training?

Prosthetic training works to increase mobility, balance, and strength after the loss of a limb. Country Roads Physical Therapy uses manual therapy techniques to help strengthen existing muscles to accommodate the loss of an extremity. Prosthetic training may include balance therapy, aquatic therapy, and other manual therapies to increase mobility, strength, and help patients reach their full potential. If you are looking for outpatient prosthetic training, contact Country Roads Physical Therapy today. Visit our clinics in Buckhannon, West Fairmont, East Fairmont, Wheeling, Morgantown, and White Hall, WV. Each work diligently to ensure our patients meet full rehabilitation with prosthetic training services.

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