Meet the Physical Therapy Experts

Team at the East Fairmont Clinic

The Country Roads Physical Therapy staff in East Fairmont is ready to help you get back to living. Our knowledgeable therapists are here to help alleviate pain, and our smiling staff are continuously improving our friendly, hometown environment. Our staff includes:

  • Michael Barkley: Owner, Physical Therapist
  • Joe Potesta: Physical Therapist
  • Stephanie Magnone: Physical Therapist
  • Jon Haun: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Denise Tennant: Office Manager
  • Jackie Fitch: Office Assistant
  • Alyssa Eddy: Rehab Technician
  • Stephanie Barlow: Rehab Technician

Team at the West Fairmont Clinic

The original Country Roads Physical Therapy, our West Fairmont location has been in business since 2006. Our trained therapists and therapist assistants work diligently to help patients regain their independence and get their life back on track. Our knowledgeable West Fairmont staff includes:

  • Derek Falkenstein: Owner, Physical Therapist
  • Amy Manning: Physical Therapist
  • Emily Reasnover: Physical Therapist
  • Jacob Knierim: Physical Therapist
  • Amanda Loar: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Rebecca Reed: Office Manager
  • Sidney Starn: Administrative Specialist
  • Anthony DeVito: Rehab Technician
  • Cutter Atha: Rehab Technician

Team at the Wheeling Clinic

The Country Roads Physical Therapy team serving Wheeling, WV, is ready to meet you and your family! The expertise of the Country Roads Physical Therapy therapists is unmatched, and we pride ourselves on improving the quality of life for our patients. Our Wheeling staff includes:

  • Megan Thomas: Director, Physical Therapist
  • Michael Bigelow: Physical Therapist
  • Tabitha Bozenske: Office Manager

Team at the Morgantown Clinic

The newest Country Roads Physical Therapy clinic of the bunch in Morgantown, WV, is home to skilled physical therapists and assistants. We provide state-of-the-art techniques in physical therapy, and work diligently to provide a friendly, fun atmosphere for our patients. Our Morgantown staff includes:

  • Melissa Henry: Director, Physical Therapist
  • Bob Cook: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Aimee Hoffer: Office Manager

Team at the Buckhannon Clinic

The Country Roads Physical Therapy clinic in Buckhannon, WV, serves Upshur County with the best quality of physical therapy around. Our staff works closely with patients to help them make a full recovery. Our Buckhannon team includes:

  • Steve Armitage: Director, Physical Therapist
  • Lisa McCune: Physical Therapist
  • Shannon Jones: Physical Therapist
  • Brittney Thomas: Physical Therapist
  • Ashley Kump: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Jerelyn Rothrock: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Kaitlyn Sturm: Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Betsy Fabbricatore: Office Manager
  • Michele Cochran: Administrative Receptionist
  • April Small: Rehab Technician
  • Emily Adkins: Rehab Technician
  • Chad Ball: Rehab Technician

Operational Team

  • Derek Falkenstein: Owner, Physical Therapist

  • Michael Barkley: Owner, Physical Therapist

  • Samantha Smiers: Business Manager
  • Amanda Harris: Business Specialist

Derek Falkenstein

Michael Barkley

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