Find Relief Through Chronic Pain Therapy in WV


Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Effective Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is something that millions of people deal with, no matter their age or how in-shape they may be. Chronic and severe aches and pains can decrease one’s quality of life and ruin daily activities. Instead of playing with your children or grandchildren, hitting the gym, going to work, or completing other tasks, you may find yourself laid up at home.

Are you tired of suffering from age-related pains or chronic pain in WV? If so, there are a few options for treating the pain. You might be thinking that surgery or relying on pain relievers may be the only option. When you visit Country Roads Physical Therapy, we work to find the right treatment to keep you moving for longer, and to experience more pain-free days.


Benefits of Electronic Stimulation on Chronic Pain

Electronic stimulation is one way that chronic pain sufferers can find relief. Electronic stimulation, sometimes called e-stim, sends small pulses to injured areas to stimulate muscles and manipulate nerves. E-stim can treat a wide range of pain, from the lower back, to fibromyalgia.

There are two main types of electronic stimulation, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). TENS can treat both short- and long-term pains, and is a very common option in strengthening muscles. EMS is stronger than TENS, and can also strengthen muscles.

There are other electronic stimulation options, including spinal cord treatments and neuromuscular stimulation. Talk to your physical therapist at Country Roads to learn more about electronic stimulation and if it will work for your chronic pain.


Ultrasounds Treat Chronic Body Pain

Another chronic pain treatment Country Roads has to offer is ultrasounds. You may be confused about how ultrasounds can treat pain, and rightfully so. When most people hear the word “ultrasound,” they think of diagnostic ultrasounds where you can see inside the body. The ultrasounds used in physical therapy are different, as they promote deep soft tissue healing. Ultrasounds can help to treat chronic pain in muscles, tendons, and ligaments by producing heat on the areas. Ultrasounds can help to treat the following injuries and pain:

  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Sprains & strains
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Muscle and ligament tears
  • Other chronic pains

Like all physical therapy treatments, ultrasound is not for everyone. When creating your treatment plan, you can discuss the different options and benefits of ultrasound and other chronic pain treatments. You may find that a combination of in-office and at-home treatments work best, or maybe manual therapy does the job. Schedule your first appointment with us to find out!


Hot and Cold Therapy Options at Country Roads Physical Therapy

As we all know, hot and cold therapy is something that many people do at home and at physical therapy. Applying ice and heat to a sprain, strain, or painful area can help to relieve pain and, in some cases, promote healing. Those with age-related pains and other chronic pains like fibromyalgia and osteoporosis may find relief during extremely painful days with hot and cold therapy, and your physical therapist can give advice on how to continue therapy at home.

During your appointment, communication is key with your physical therapist. If the treatment is too hot, too cold, or causes more pain than it relieves, be sure to mention it. We understand that all patients are different, and we want to provide pain relief and comfort to you during and after your appointment.


Pediatric Therapy Available as Well

Young children who experience pain from birth defects or injuries can also find relief at Country Roads with pediatric therapy. Chronic pain does not discriminate by age – and neither should physical therapy. We offer various age-appropriate treatments to help children manage pain and treat and recover from injuries.


Surgery and Suffering Does Not Have to be in Your Future

As we mentioned earlier, many believe that invasive procedures and pain relievers are their only options for chronic pain relief. At Country Roads, this couldn’t be further than the truth. We offer a wide variety of age-related pain and chronic pain treatments to help patients increase their quality of life. Get back to living your life to the fullest, fully armed with exercises and treatments to reduce pain and help you move on to the next chapter.

Ask your primary care physician to refer you to Country Roads Physical Therapy to begin your treatment right away. With five convenient locations in East Fairmont, West Fairmont, Buckhannon, Morgantown, and Wheeling, we are available to residents of WV.


To learn more about chronic pain therapy, call your preferred Country Roads Physical Therapy location. For any future updates, like and follow us on Facebook, and keep up with our blog.

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Advanced Treatment for Chronic Pain Therapy

Electronic Stimulation Therapy Techniques for Chronic Pain

Country Roads Physical Therapy offers electronic stimulation therapy as a type of chronic pain therapy. Electronic stimulation helps to decrease pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and aids muscles in contracting and regaining mobility. Electronic stimulation is used in conjunction with other treatments to increase pain relief and to help eliminate symptoms. There are multiple techniques that we use to interrupt pain signals, increase circulation, and work to eliminate pain. If you are looking to find a new strategy to help reduce chronic pain and get back to living your life, contact your closest Country Roads Physical Therapy clinic today. Our expert physical therapists will work with you to help decrease pain and improve your quality of life. Contact our clinic nearest to you in Buckhannon, East Fairmont, Morgantown, West Fairmont, and Wheeling, and Whitehall, WV.

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Hot and Cold Therapy Treatments

Country Roads Physical Therapy provides Fairmont, Morgantown, Buckhannon, Whitehall, and Wheeling, WV, with hot and cold therapy techniques to treat chronic pain. Using cold compresses helps to decrease inflammation and reduces swelling and tissue damage. By using a cold compress or cold bath, you are able to combat chronic pain symptoms caused by arthritis, gout, muscle or joint sprains and strains, or sports related injuries. Using heat to treat pain promotes blood flow and helps muscles to relax. When alternated, hot and cold therapy are able to treat a variety of chronic pain-related illnesses, including arthritis and chronic neck or back injuries.

Ultrasound Treatments for Chronic Pain Therapy

Ultrasound treatment provides deep heating to sore or damaged tissues to increase circulation, and in turn, decrease swelling and pain. Ultrasound techniques work to treat arthritis, myofascial pain, bursitis, and other joint pains. Your therapist can add chronic pain techniques to your current plan. Contact Country Roads Physical Therapy if you are interested in adding chronic pain therapy.

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