Advanced Treatment for Chronic Pain Therapy

Electronic Stimulation Therapy Techniques for Chronic Pain

Country Roads Physical Therapy offers electronic stimulation therapy as a type of chronic pain therapy. Electronic stimulation helps to decrease pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and aids muscles in contracting and regaining mobility. Electronic stimulation is used in conjunction with other treatments to increase pain relief and to help eliminate symptoms. There are multiple techniques that we use to interrupt pain signals, increase circulation, and work to eliminate pain. If you are looking to find a new strategy to help reduce chronic pain and get back to living your life, contact your closest Country Roads Physical Therapy clinic today. Our expert physical therapists will work with you to help decrease pain and improve your quality of life. Contact our clinic nearest to you in Buckhannon, East Fairmont, Morgantown, West Fairmont, and Wheeling, and White Hall, WV.

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Hot and Cold Therapy Treatments

Country Roads Physical Therapy provides Fairmont, Morgantown, Buckhannon, White Hall, and Wheeling, WV, with hot and cold therapy techniques to treat chronic pain. Using cold compresses helps to decrease inflammation and reduces swelling and tissue damage. By using a cold compress or cold bath, you are able to combat chronic pain symptoms caused by arthritis, gout, muscle or joint sprains and strains, or sports related injuries. Using heat to treat pain promotes blood flow and helps muscles to relax. When alternated, hot and cold therapy are able to treat a variety of chronic pain-related illnesses, including arthritis and chronic neck or back injuries.

Ultrasound Treatments for Chronic Pain Therapy

Ultrasound treatment provides deep heating to sore or damaged tissues to increase circulation, and in turn, decrease swelling and pain. Ultrasound techniques work to treat arthritis, myofascial pain, bursitis, and other joint pains. Your therapist can add chronic pain techniques to your current plan. Contact Country Roads Physical Therapy if you are interested in adding chronic pain therapy.

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