Advanced Outpatient Physical Therapy Treatments

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers
Therapeutic Programs

Country Roads Physical Therapy offers a large variety of outpatient physical therapy treatments. We have locations in Fairmont, Morgantown, Buckhannon, Wheeling, and White Hall, WV. Each Country Roads Physical Therapy clinic has qualified and certified physical therapists to provide effective therapeutic programs and services for all chronic pain and injuries. A list of our services includes:

From sports therapy to prosthetic training, we have a service for you. Contact us at your preferred location to find the best physical therapy to suit your needs at Country Roads Physical Therapy.

Massage Therapy with Hands-On Techniques That Yield Results

Country Roads Physical Therapy focuses on hands-on techniques to give patients the results they want and need. Our massage therapy relieves tension, increases circulation, reduces stress, anxiety, and more. Massage therapy is a comprehensive approach to improve functionality and flexibility of joints and muscles. This treatment is well-suited for chronic and age-related pain, as well as sports injuries. Massage therapy improves recovery time and can help decrease medication dependency. It is also great to reduce lumbar pain related to pregnancy.

Industrial and Work-Related Injury Rehabilitation Treatments

Country Roads Physical Therapy works with employers and employees with all work-related injury treatment. We provide Functional Capacity Evaluations for all employees to determine their ability to perform work-related tasks. Country Roads Physical Therapy also offers prevention techniques to help limit injuries in the work place.

Custom Treatments to Fit all Patients’ Therapy Needs

Country Roads Physical Therapy accommodates all types of injuries with hands-on, advanced techniques to get the best results. We provide custom orthotics for patients to wear in their shoes to help control the ankle and foot. Country Roads Physical Therapy also offers specialty services, including chronic pain therapy, and more. If you are interested in finding the perfect physical therapy treatment, contact Country Roads Physical Therapy today. Our clinics are located in Buckhannon, East Fairmont, West Fairmont, Morgantown, and Wheeling, WV.

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