Outpatient Pediatric Physical Therapy Options

Pediatric Physical Therapy at Country Roads Physical Therapy

Country Roads Physical Therapy offers outpatient pediatric therapy to Fairmont, Wheeling, Morgantown, Buckhannon, and White Hall, WV. Our pediatric therapy services assist children living with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and more. This helps to increase or improve motor skills and muscle strength. Our physical therapists work closely with our pediatric patients to ensure their comfort and work to help them make the progress suitable for their condition. If you are looking for high-quality pediatric physical therapy, contact one of our Country Roads Physical Therapy locations today.

What Does Pediatric Therapy Do?

Pediatric physical therapy works to guide children who have injuries, illnesses, or developmental delays grow and prosper. Physical therapy for children who struggle with mobility or soreness helps to stretch and strengthen muscles, and helps to build confidence in the child as they grow and progress. Our physical therapists will work with your child to help them gain strength, flexibility and mobility, help to increase balance, and create an adaptive plan to treat the injury or illness effectively. While not all injuries or illness are curable, there are preventive measures to take to improve their life and help them to reduce pain and build confidence in themselves. Pediatric therapy may offer appropriate treatments to build on success at various stages of growth and development throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Treatment for Pediatric Patients at County Roads Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy is similar to any regular therapy program. Country Roads Physical Therapy offers manual treatments to aid in rehabilitation or pain relief. We also provide sports therapy to get your athlete back out on the field. Our outpatient care focuses on hands-on treatment to stimulate muscles and joints, and help to pave a way for recovery. Are you looking for trustworthy, friendly physical therapists to work with your child to achieve improved physical wellness and stability? Contact Country Roads Physical Therapy today for pediatric physical therapy.

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