Country Roads Physical Therapy – Keeping You on Your Feet Since 2006

April 1, 2020

How Did We Get Started?

Country Roads Physical Therapy was founded in 2006 in West Fairmont, WV, by Derek Falkenstein, PT, DPT, and Michael Barkley, DPT. After finding great success in their clinic, the pair opened the East Fairmont clinic in 2009. Country Roads Physical Therapy soon expanded into Buckhannon, WV, in 2011; Wheeling, WV, in 2013; and Morgantown, WV, in 2016. Now with five locations, we can happily and proudly serve residents throughout Northern West Virginia. Check out this news article from Times West Virginian that highlights some of our greatest accomplishments in our first 10 years.

The Country Roads Physical Therapy family has grown to fully staff each location, and we strive to provide a family-friendly, comfortable environment for both our staff and our patients. Our goal is to “provide the highest quality outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services in the mid-Atlantic region.” Make an appointment with us today for us to show you how much we care for our patients.

Country Roads Believes in Consistent Education for All Staff

One way that Country Roads Physical Therapy has stayed a local favorite is keeping all of our staff educated and trained equally. We have a history of sharing knowledge that benefits staff and patients alike. Everyone in our staff has something different that they bring to the table, whether it is a specialized treatment, or possibly their outstanding personality or business-oriented background. One thing that patients can count on is that no matter what physical therapist they see, they will receive the same quality treatment.

Treating Patients with Individualized Care for Over a Decade

One thing that our staff has learned over the last decade is that no patient is the same. While one treatment works for one patient’s sprained ankle, there is a good chance that the same treatment will not suit the next. Our physical therapists will take the time to get to know you, what your lifestyle entails, and what treatment will yield the best results. We offer manual therapy, massage therapy, aquatic therapy, and many other programs to accommodate all patients.

Over the years our team has broadened our horizons to include dry needling, ASTYM therapy, and other unique techniques that can help your condition. Check back often for new updates regarding our various treatments!

Our Physical Therapists and Staff Strive for Improvement Every Time

Since our original opening in 2006, Country Roads Physical Therapy has made a name for itself across West Virginia. Many of our patients arrive with sports-related injuries, health conditions, surgeries, and other debilitating traumas that can decrease quality of life. When you visit Country Roads Physical Therapy, our staff strives for improvement. We listen to your goals and concerns, and set up a realistic care plan to accommodate your needs and abilities. Many of our past patients find their quality of life increased after their physical therapy ends. Read some of our testimonials to see just how beneficial physical therapy at our clinic can be.

Are you a recent graduate or looking for a physical therapy clinic to continue your career? Reach out to Country Roads Physical Therapy in West Fairmont, East Fairmont, Buckhannon, Wheeling, or Morgantown to ask about current job openings. We are happy to add on experienced physical therapists, assistants, and other staff members to help us carry out our goal for greatness and successful rehabilitation.

Prioritizing Community Involvement Throughout WV

Country Roads Physical Therapy makes regular community involvement a priority. Any school-age athlete needs proper injury prevention knowledge to continue doing their best. Country Roads Physical Therapy offers all types of sessions, trainings, and other events to keep our friends up-to-date on proper care of your body. Many of these sessions are free to the public. Call any of our locations to find out more information.

Country Roads Physical Therapy also stays involved with local organizations. We have sponsored the Brothers of Cancer 5k, Upshur Parish House, Fairmont Soup Opera, and other various events to spread awareness and help where we can. Our staff understands the importance of supporting local businesses and events, because we are local ourselves. Help us hold each other up while continuing to spread positivity and our family-oriented atmosphere throughout the local communities we serve. Talk with us about sponsoring your event or acting as a donation center.

Learn more about Country Roads Physical Therapy by viewing our site, or calling your preferred location. For any future updates, like and follow us on Facebook.

Fairmont Offices: (304) 363-0050

Buckhannon: (304) 472-8510

Wheeling: (304) 905-8140