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March 1, 2021

Country Roads Physical Therapy Offers Sports Therapy

Are you looking for quality sports therapy in WV? Country Roads Physical Therapy is here to help. A few months ago, we discussed fall sports preparation and what goes into that. This month, we want to focus more on sports therapy and how to continue keeping your body safe as we transition to spring sports.

While sports may look a little different this year, they are still going strong. Practice may not be as often or as intense, which makes it even more important to stretch and wear the proper gear to protect against injuries or other problems.

Sports injuries are no joke. Many athletes find themselves with concussions, broken bones, and going through surgery and months of therapy to properly heal. Even the smallest fall or tackle can set you out for a season or more. We don’t say this to scare you – our therapists want all athletes to be well-informed each time they put on their uniform. Listen to your body and do not ignore pain, as it may indicate a bigger problem than a pulled muscle.


Common Sports Injuries That We See

Every year, we meet new and returning athletes who suffer from major and minor sports injuries. Some of the common sports injuries that we regularly see and treat include:

  • Neck or Back Injuries
  • Muscle Tears
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Leg Injuries (Joints and Muscles)

It doesn’t matter if you play tennis, field hockey, baseball, or golf – anyone is susceptible to a sports injury. Even the most careful of athletes can land the wrong way, extend their arm too far, or experience another kind of bodily trauma. The physical therapists at Country Roads Physical Therapy are here to hear your concerns and pains and work to get you back on the field, court, or green in no time.


Take Proper Precautions as Spring Sports Begin

If you do not participate in fall or winter sports, then your body may not be ready to jump right back in full-steam to practice. Be sure that you are stretching and easing yourself into exercise to avoid straining any muscles or joints. While practicing, tape any necessary areas and wear the right protective gear. If you are feeling unwell, take a break! Your body needs rest to recover itself, whether it be physical or mental. Remember to care for your body to keep it feeling great and performing well this spring sport season.

Another thing to keep in mind is staying active in the off-season. We briefly mentioned earlier that not all spring athletes participate in fall and winter sports. It’s good to stay active in the off-season to keep your muscles moving and to help stay in shape for the next sport season. Be sure not to overdo it, but regular lifting or exercise may be necessary to keep your body ready for the start of practices.


Stay Hydrated to Help Prevent Injury

One quick and easy way to prevent injury is staying hydrated before, during, and after participating in sports. Stopsportsinjuries.org recommends drinking at least 16 ounces of water or a sports drink before exercising, whether it be game time, practice, or just daily exercise. Proper hydration will help to avoid cramps or strained muscles. If you begin to feel dehydrated, alert your coach right away. Signs of dehydration include dizziness, extreme thirst, weakness, headaches, and dark urine.


Aquatic Therapy Options to Treat Sport Injuries

The West Fairmont location of Country Roads Physical Therapy offers aquatic therapy to our valued patients. Aquatic therapy is an effective sports injury treatment because it allows you to take pressure off of strained muscles or joints. In doing so, many patients find that they can perform exercises that they could not do on land.

If you visit our West Fairmont clinic or live nearby and want to add aquatic therapy to your treatment plan, talk with your physical therapist. They will discuss various options with you to help your recovery journey.


Providing Sports Injury Sessions to High Schools and Colleges

The team at Country Roads Physical Therapy works to give back to our community in any way that we can. Our physical therapists travel to middle schools, high schools, and colleges to teach the importance of proper sports training. We will discuss proper precautions and recovery methods, and can answer any questions that coaches, teachers, or athletes may have. Some techniques we cover include taping and wrapping, hydration, nutrition, and concussion prevention.

Reach out to any of our locations in West Fairmont, East Fairmont, Buckhannon, Wheeling, or Morgantown to schedule a sport injury session at your school or college.


Contact Country Roads for Sports Therapy at Any Location

Country Roads Physical Therapy offers sports therapy at all five of our West Virginia locations. Our physical therapists understand how important sports are to all athletes, and even a minor sports injury can have you on the sidelines. Our goal is to restore your quality of life as soon as possible with our various treatment options.

If you suffer a sports injury this spring, give us a call or speak to your physician about a referral. We look forward to helping you on the road to total rehabilitation!


To learn more about sports therapy, call your preferred Country Roads Physical Therapy location. For any future updates, like and follow us on Facebook, and keep up with our blog.

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