Managing Body Pain in Cold Weather with Physical Therapy

December 22, 2021

It’s that time of year again. Sleighbells, snowmen, and caroling can be seen and heard for miles. 

For some, winter isn’t always a season of cheer, and instead of Christmas joy, intensified arthritis, back pain, and joint trouble come knocking on the front door. At Country Roads Physical Therapy, we want to help you get back to enjoying the holidays. 

Read on to discover our best tips for mitigating wintery aches and pains. 

 Why Does Cold Weather Effect the Body?

Have you ever noticed that when the weather drops (barometric pressure), you immediately seek to bundle up under a blanket? This reaction is due to the change in muscle contraction that happens as a result of the decreasing temperature––the tightening of muscles and restricted blood flow can cause soreness, aches, and nagging pains. 

While the temperature does play a factor, for the most part, the achiness you feel is due to your body’s adaptation to its surrounding environment. Think of it like your body getting a little “workout.” 

Who’s At Risk? 

There are a number of factors when considering who is more likely to suffer from a drop in temperature. Those with chronic conditions, rheumatologic conditions, or depression and anxiety are more likely to have increased pain in the winter.

Keep in mind that depression, anxiety, and stress could change the way someone perceives their pain. 

How to Avoid Pain in the Winter

Nobody can change the weather. Better to be prepared than to shake your fist in the air. 

  • #1: Be active––Exercise regularly, stretch, and find ways to loosen your muscles joints before going outside.
  • #2: Stay warm––It’s a good rule of thumb to take warm showers, baths, dress in layers, and turn up the heat inside your home.
  • #3: Get in the spirit––Drink warm drinks, like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. 
  • #4: Be happy––Eat healthily, drink water, and sleep well.

How Does Physical Therapy Help?

During the winter months, therapists will often treat injuries related to slips on ice or strains from shoveling snow. Other than pain treatment, physical therapy can help mitigate or alleviate common aches and pains through strategic stretches and a variety of therapies.

Your physical therapist is also a helpful guide for learning new bodily movements, stretches, and at-home exercises to keep your body healthy and warm. 

Call Country Roads Physical Therapy Today!

You shouldn’t have to suffer through the winter season––with a few tips and simple changes, you can experience comfort and relief today and get back to enjoying the holidays. 

With our state-of-the-art equipment, aquatic facility, and ASTYM/Functional Dry Needling treatment options, our hands-on techniques are perfect for treating aches, winter injuries, age-related pain, and other muscle and body pains. 

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