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Pain While Traveling

Summertime is the dawn of vacations, plane rides, and road trips. Do you experience pain while traveling? Well, you’re not alone.  Read on to learn about taking care of your body during the traveling months of summer.   Why Do Injuries Occur While Traveling? The most common culprits of aches and strains while traveling are the back, shoulders, and neck. Pain typically intensifies during the traveling season due to stress placed on the spine and other networks of muscles and joints while lifting luggage and sitting

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overuse injury

Three Common Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes and How to Avoid Them

Some kids live, eat, and breathe sports. They wake up early to stretch, go to school, and head for practice or weight training in the evening to continue sharpening their craft. Sadly, this kind of physical workload often leads to another destination: A trip to the doctor for an overuse injury.  While young athletes do not often consider the consequences of their intensified toil, they are paying a price. Read on to discover the most likely injuries sustained by young athletes and how to prevent them. 

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aquatic therapy

Making Waves – Aquatic Therapy And Its Benefits

Who doesn’t love swimming? Well, what if you could swim as part of your therapy treatment? Aquatic therapy is a helpful muscle relaxant and can relieve stress on joints, helping patients to relax and recover faster. If conventional forms of therapy and stretching have grown tiresome, then read on! Aquatic Therapy might just be for you.  Aquatic Therapy: What Is It?  Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy, done in the water. Water is implemented to create a more comfortable medium of rehabilitation. Due to

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pediatric physical therapy

What is Pediatric Physical Therapy and How Does it Help?

Physical therapy is often associated with the elderly, adults, and athletes recovering from an injury. Did you know that children, even infants, require physical therapy treatment? For a child suffering from physical disability or developmental delays, it’s almost always the best solution.  From learning to walk up steps to using a spoon at dinner, pediatric physical therapy could be the answer to some of your child’s most challenging tasks. Read on to find out more! What is Pediatric Physical Therapy Pediatric physical therapy is a

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Physical Therapy

How Can Physical Therapy Help With Physical Pain During Pregnancy?

Has your pregnancy caused you mild to severe discomfort? Pregnant women are often relegated to deal with their pain through self-care and approved pain relievers. What if there was a natural way to relieve pain, and mitigate discomfort throughout the duration of the term? Physical therapy has become a proven alternative to pain relief and one of the safest options to restore functional mobility. How Physical Therapy Helps Physical Therapy exists to relieve pain and restore bodily movement. A Physical Therapist commonly sees patients throughout

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