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Pain While Traveling

Summertime is the dawn of vacations, plane rides, and road trips. Do you experience pain while traveling? Well, you’re not alone.  Read on to learn about taking care of your body during the traveling months of summer.   Why Do Injuries Occur While Traveling? The most common culprits of aches and strains while traveling are the back, shoulders, and neck. Pain typically intensifies during the traveling season due to stress placed on the spine and other networks of muscles and joints while lifting luggage and sitting

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Common Injuries From Yard Work

Gardening season is freshly upon us—unfortunately, this may lead to any number of outdoor-related injuries. However, with the right application of injury prevention techniques and physical therapy, slips, falls, and strains from yard work can be mitigated. Read on to discover the most common injuries and treatments for recovery.   Common Injuries: Strains and Pulls Few injuries are as prevalent as straining or pulling a muscle unseasonably—and no one, irrespective of age or demographic, is safe from its effects. A lack of stretching or flexibility is

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Knee Surgery

Recover from Knee Surgery with Effective Physical Therapy   Knee Surgery is More Common Than You Think Our knees do more than we give them credit for. From helping us walk, sit, and move around, we definitely notice when something is amiss. According to the Mayo Clinic, 4.7 million Americans had some kind of knee implant in 2014. This includes men and women of all ages who have also experienced the same chronic knee pain that you’re living with. Whether you need a knee replacement,

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